Marked by Love

The world lures us, our kids, grandkids, people we love & those next to whom we walk life with all sorts of things and ways to make us okay. The peace in that striving doesn’t last long. But, what if we really knew who we are and who it is that says so? Would striving take a break and peace linger in its place?

By and in God, our identity is defined and our worth determined. Our significance is settled, which is a powerful concept considering all the things in this world of striving, laced with uncertainty that leave us unsettled. So let’s talk about it. Because, God has much to say. We’ll head to the end of Isaiah to linger in a small portion of what our God reveals about himself and about us, his “masterpiece” of all creation.

Weekly lessons in free downloadable pdf below – Scripture informing Scripture (updated version with new lessons each week). Then for your listening pleasure, we have a Spotify Who You Are, Says Who playlist of songs, reminders as we walk through life. We hope you enjoy. [downloadable pdf of study below]

Week 1: Who are you? Masterpiece/New Creation says: Elohim, Creator


Week 2: Who you are? Redeemed, says: YHWH (Jehovah, I AM)


Week 3: Who you are? You Belong, says Jehovah Raah (Shepherd)


Week 4: Who are you? Safe says Lord of Hosts (Jehovah Sabaoth)


Week 5: Who are you? Precious/Treasured says Jehovah Shalom (Peace)


Week 6: Who are you? Honored says El Roi (God Who Sees Me)


Week 7: Who are you? Loved says Jehovah Jireh (Provider)


Week 8: Who are you? Never Alone says Immanuel (God with Us)


Week 9: Who are you? My Daughter says Abba (Father)


Week 10: Who are you? Chosen says Adonai (Master)


Who, Who



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March 5, 2021