A slight change is at hand here at themoatblog – not in content (though maybe with this minor shift, content will be coming back!!) but in context.

Our house has transformed from 5 tweens & teens to no tweens and 2 teens (for a short time). And far from my aching heart’s desire (though I never would have thought that at the onset), my days in the carpool line are coming to a close.

This kid is on his way to college,

this kid high school,

and these three are young adults.

Fun times in the car…

are barrelling to a close. How can the days have come and gone sooooo fast?! The agony!

So, I’ve had trouble of late staying true to MOAT (Mothers of Adolescents & Teens) partly due to my lane shifting, also (truth be told) due to a tough season that required a lot of staying close – as some seasons do. Such is the story of life. As I look back at all we’ve lived on this space, at the core – it’s pretty much ordinary. Ups & downs are part of regular life. In calling out the downs, they don’t get to take more than they already have. And in celebrating the ups, we can linger in the extraordinary. Always together. And I’m thankful for that! Life is so much better together (mothers, fathers, kids, friends, even strangers).

We’ve taken on all sorts of issues here at themoatblog. And, a surprise to me, books have come from our taking on entitlement (Cleaning House), comparison (I’m Happy for You, Sort of … Not Really), and overwhelmed that touched on anxiety & stress (Not the Boss of Us).

And now – it’s discord. People’s lives have been peppered with unsettledness whether through road-rudeness, global anxieties, political/social discord, the strange cancel culture — discord is stealing our joy. Let’s say NO, together. And act on it – like we did entitlement. Discord is stealing from people, all of us – but especially kids. Before it becomes their normal – let’s change it. One house at a time; one day at a time.


Together we can change this toxic environment that has tricked people into extreme spaces of judgement, hate, canceling and start to remember that people (ordinary people, who matter greatly) are at the center of it all

Several years ago we did a year-long experiment to pull in the reigns on entitlement. This last year, we played with a 30-day experiment to tackle discord – this time through practicing thankfulness, kindness & mercy every day for 30 days (we called it Soul30 – a play on Whole30, but a feast rather than fast). I’ve shared a little bit about it – but am even more convicted that we really can effect change. And that doing so is worth the effort.

Just this morning, on a very ordinary carpool drive thankfulness paved our path.

“Wow,” I say to my only passenger (have I mentioned this is my last year of the carpool line?! boo-hoo-wahhhh!!) “the sky!”

It rained like crazy last night. Everything is still wet and vibrant as the rising sun, peeking through a cloudy sky spotlights little areas. Seriously beautiful.

“I’ve already thought that,” Birdie nods. Hilarious. Then added, “You’ve helped me start every day with the sky.”

I have? … I really do think the sky is amazing. Years ago, probably during some hard days, I might have forced everyone to look up – which is what happens when taking notice of the sky. And looking up invites breathing and possibly a shot of perspective.

“I do it on my own, Mom,” he continued. “And I like how it starts my day – thinking about all that’s good.” The essence of gratitude.

I thought my morning gasps at the sky’s beauty (even on cloudy days) annoyed them. Who knew the “look up” was centering him. Probably because it’s not my grounding, but reminders woven into creation by its Creator. That’s some serious hope. All the more reason to weave within every day practices (like thankfulness, kindness & mercy – effectively the Greatest Commandment) that they too might become second nature. Seeing and treating people with dignity & care.

Welcome to our latest “experiment” (that too has somehow become a book.) It’s not my message (it was loaned to us) – we’re simply along for the ride. I hope vetting and putting into these practices TOGETHER blesses you as it has and continues to bless us.

Thanks for walking the road with me!