Intimacy with God – self study devotionals

Following are a couple of small devotionals designed to encourage personal Bible study, reading God’s word to know him. Each offers a 4-week a simple roadmap plus prompt-questions for daily reading. Feel free to download them (and be prepared for typos/incomplete sentences and overall grammar issues 🙂 from the “Original Studies” section.

La Coeur: A Heart Cleanse

Why not approach our thoughts/spiritual life in the same way we do our physical-health life by doing a cleanse.

Our heart and our mind are healthiest when completely engrossed and anchored in God’s love for us. So, with this cleanse, it won’t be about withholding but about devouring sustenance – for the soul. And unlike a physical health cleanse where the jury is still out, intimacy with God absolutely rids our minds of toxins, replacing them with Truth.


Le Souffle: Eating God’s Word

Le Souffle centers on finding, highlighting and (for lack of better words) dining on God’s spoken word – as in “the Lord God said…” Since we already have Jesus’s words red-letters in the New Testament, why not do the same for God’s throughout the Old and New Testaments?

By looking at God’s words, reading Scripture to see what God himself has to say, we’re going organic. Forget the man-made additives, the food coloring, the religious refining. There’s no pre-packaging or flash freezing. This meal is about eating His word raw. We don’t need to cook it. We don’t even need to wash it before we eat it. No. Let’s let God do that. Let’s let Him provide the nourishment in exactly His perfect portions.



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March 6, 2020