A come-as-you-are study on our royal wardrobe. God has clothes for us are out-of-this-world Royal-Wear that fits to perfection, sewn with threads of peace and joy and contentment. A far cry from the 3-way mirror, florescent-lighting gauntlet the world offers for clothing.

In Threads, we will be looking at patriarchs of faith from Hebrews 11 as well as we learn what it means to be clothed “ in righteousness” and with “power from on high” rather than in our own effort and strength.

Together we will consider faith – being sure of that for which we hope and certain of what can’t see – by using articles of clothing, things we wear every day, to act as reminders. So that when we reach for our own glasses (sunglasses, readers, etc.) we might be reminded to consider the lenses through which we see things. When we put on a hat, we’re reminded to consider captive thoughts attached to Truth. As we put on our shoes, we might think about the steps we will take in a day. That more and more of them will be surrendered-steps on God’s solid ground (even when that ground is water).

And as we reach for these clothes, we can be reminded to wear the clothes God has so graciously and mercifully and abundantly provided rather than reach for the clothes  the world celebrates that we must weave ourselves: accolades, accomplishments, beauty, acumen, victories, numbers, … and so much more.

All of which pale in comparison (understatement) to the clothes we access through faith – a  wardrobe beyond compare, immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine. A royal wardrobe purchased for and placed upon us in and by love that surpasses knowledge.



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March 3, 2021